Taste Of The Wild Dry Cat Food

Taste Of The Wild Dry Cat Food

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What is Taste Of The Wild Dry Cat Food?

Taste of the Wild Feline Formula foods are hearty and nutritious meals for cats of all life stages. Real lean cuts of meat and fish (certified hormone free and antibiotic free) provide highly digestible sources of protein, while sweet potatoes and peas are used to provide your cat with high levels of energy. Whole fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and antioxidants to boost your cat's immune system. This natural cat food also contains proteinates (protein compounds), which help your cat's body absorb the nutrients to get the most out of the food. Taste of the Wild is grain free, which makes it a great food for cats with intolerances or allergies to grains. This dry cat food is a great complement to Taste of the Wild Canned Cat Food.




  • Ideal for cats of all life stages (kittens to senior)
  • Grain free means no corn, wheat, soy, or fillers
  • Cats love the delicious taste of real venison (Rocky Mountain Formula) and trout (Canyon River Formula)
  • Fruits and vegetables provide natural sources of antioxidants
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and coat
  • Taurine helps regulate heart rhythm, reproduction, digestion, and vision
  • Dried chicory root helps support a healthy digestive system
  • Naturally preserved
  • Available in 2 different sizes (5 or 14 lb. bags)
  • No toxic chemicals, artificial flavors, or artificial colors
  • Made in the USA in three manufacturing facilities (California, Missouri, and South Carolina)

How does Taste of the Wild work?

Each batch of Taste of the Wild is cooked with water that is purified through reverse osmosis, the same process used by popular bottled water manufacturers. This helps to remove any microorganisms, organic and inorganic chemicals, and ensures the meats and meat meals are steamed (cooked) with purified water. Taste of the Wild provides your cat with a hearty meal that is not only delicious but also provides essential vitamins and antioxidants to stay healthy and active.