Splints and Leg support
Splints and Leg support
Splints and Leg support
Splints and Leg support
Splints and Leg support

Splints and Leg support

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The Walkin’ Fit® Adjustable Splint for pets helps to brace injuries to the lower rear and/or front legs. With its patented adjustable fit and unique design, the Walkin’ Fit® Splint provides complete lower leg stability with customized fit and support, allowing for multi-patient use.Splint helps stabilize joints for arthritis or injuries and helps promote healing during physical therapy and recovery.

  • Easy to Wear: Simply place paw in the splint with his nails at the edge, and then buckle in place using fastener straps.
  • Designed to be used on patients for either the Front or Rear Legs.
  • Splint width expands to accommodate a bandaged foot or leg.
  • Adjustable splint allows for a more custom fit.
  • Adjustable angle will keep pet’s leg comfortable and in a normal walking position.
  • Provides full, lower leg support and stabilizes hock or carpal joints and under the paw.
  • Splint allows weight bearing on a broken or weak limb.
  • Customizable splint fit provides convenience for daily wound therapy.
  • Lightweight and adjustable design increases the pet’s tolerance of splint.
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Quality Construction

  • Constructed of lightweight, durable plastic.
  • Cushioned inner foam lining for comfortable everyday wear.
  • Adjustable touch fastener straps for easy-on/easy-off use.
  • Rubber non-skid pad for traction.
  • Easily adjust splint width and angle for perfect fit.
  • Available in five different sizes to accommodate pets of all builds.

It’s important to remember that any splint placed on a pet’s foot will need to be removed at bedtime and should be removed for at least an hour during the day to allow the foot to breathe.
Please note:
 There is no "right" or "left" leg or paw designated for splints; splints may be used for either the right or left leg/paw. If you order a splint and it is marked with “L” it refers to the size (large).

See Usage tab for suggestions on how to best introduce the splint to your dog.