PetSafe Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness
PetSafe Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness

PetSafe Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness

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What is PetSafe Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness?

The PetSafe Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness offers a safe way for your dog to travel with you whether you're running quick errands or driving on long road trips. The new safety harness design has been crash-tested in a Department of Transportation-approved facility according to leading industry standards. Due to its extensive static testing (to 3,000+ lbs), the PetSafe Deluxe Safety Harness offers the utmost strength and durability, while the padded vest ensures your dog's comfort.




  • Reduces driver distraction and improves safety by restraining pet in events of sudden stops
  • Crash tested in DOT-approved facility to ensure safety and durability
  • Comfortable padded vest is fully adjustable to fit all dogs within each size range
  • Easy to load and unload your dog into
  • Convenient walking leash attachment makes a seamless transition to and from your vehicle
  • Fits all vehicles

How it Works:

The PetSafe Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness easily integrates with your vehicle's seat belt system to keep your dog comfortable and safe when traveling with you. A fully padded vest and breathable inner layer provide optimal comfort while the strength-rated straps keep your dog safely secure.